“She’s so soft”- Caitlin Clark allegedly warns refs to not fall for Ariel Atkins’ flopping antics

Washington Mystics v Indiana Fever

Caitlin Clark allegedly issued warning to referees for falling for Ariel Atkins’ flopping antics (image credit: getty)

It was a highly competitive matchup between Caitlin Clark’s Indiana Fever and the Washington Mystics on Wednesday. At one point in the game, the Fever rookie was handed an offensive foul for her push-off against Mystics’ Ariel Atkins. Following that moment, emotions ran high as Clark was not in agreement with the official’s assessment of what occurred.

There’s no denying the kind of competitor the Fever guard is as she consistently plays with a chip on her shoulder as the number one pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft. To receive a push-off call in the middle of a move that would leave the defender in the dust can frustrate a player as it results in a turnover and missed opportunity for a shot attempt.

Interestingly, X user HoopHer (@HoopHerSpeaks) shared the incident on the social media platform which also included Clark accusing the referee of falling for Watkins’ flopping.

“Don’t fall for that,” Clark said. “You fell for it. She’s so soft.”

From the official’s viewpoint, the push-off resulted in Watkins colliding with Aliyah Boston’s position on the court which led to her losing her balance. Clark can be seen immediately turning her back immediately and saying something to the referee.

Caitlin Clark contributed on both ends of the floor as she finished with 29 points (50.0% shooting, including 55.6% from beyond the arc), 13 assists, and five rebounds. She also chipped in five steals and three blocks.

Caitlin Clark talked about the physicality she has experienced from opposing teams

Following the Fever’s 88-82 loss on May 28, Caitlin Clark highlighted how physical opposing teams have been on her since she arrived in the league, as per IndyStar’s Chloe Peterson.

“I think everybody is physical with me,” Clark said, “they get away with things that probably other people don’t get away with. It’s tough, but that’s just the fact of the matter. This is a very physical game, and you’re going to get pressure, this is professional basketball. It is what it is, honestly. I feel like I’m getting hammered. …”

Indiana Fever rookie Caitlin Clark (image credit: getty)

Indiana Fever rookie Caitlin Clark (image credit: getty)

However, she also emphasized that basketball will always be a physical sport that requires players to strengthen themselves amid all the contact received. Compared to how the game is played at the collegiate level, there are differences in how fouls are called and something rookies adjust to once they reach the pro ranks.

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