Rhea Ripley to debut a new look after breaking up with Dominik Mysterio? Exploring the chances

Rhea Ripley relinquished the title after suffering a shoulder injury. [Image Source: WWE.com]

Rhea Ripley relinquished the title after suffering a shoulder injury. [Image source: WWE.com]

Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio are in the roughest patch of their on-screen relationship. Throughout Ripley’s absence, Dirty Dom was constantly avoiding Liv Morgan’s advances but the night he almost folded is when The Eradicator made her comeback. There might be no one more unfortunate than Dominik in WWE at the moment.

Well, Dom’s bad luck is about to get worse. It is possible that The Eradicator will not forgive Dominik, and he might even decide to leave Ripley in the dust and side with Liv Morgan. If he does get enticed by Morgan’s beauty, Rhea Ripley has an excellent card up her sleeves to exact sweet revenge against Mysterio.

Mami took to social media to drop a new look featuring long hair. The new hairdo, which is a popular move to make an ex-partner feel regret, makes her look like a Disney movie princess but with a hint of darkness. So, just after their on-screen breakup, Rhea Ripley can debut her new look in WWE, making Dominik Mysterio remorseful for choosing Liv Morgan. It’s a typical break-up revenge!

Furthermore, a new hairstyle can hint towards a new character, maybe even turning babyface. In fact, WWE may be building toward a babyface turn for both Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest, and moving them away from The Judgment Day.

Damian Priest was all smiles after Rhea Ripley returned

For weeks now, The Archer of Infamy had been asking Dominik Mysterio to put an end to Liv Morgan’s shenanigans. Damian Priest suggested Dominik speak to The Eradicator and straighten things out. However, the former NXT North American ignored all the warnings.

On the latest episode of WWE RAW, Ripley’s return caught Dominik in shock but the World Heavyweight Champion couldn’t contain his happiness. He was watching Ripley’s return on the backstage television with a smirk on his face.

He was recorded saying “consequences” as The Eradicator was walking to the ring. Fans will soon know what The Eradicator decides to do with Mysterio, but Dirty Dom might not get the forgiveness he wants.

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