Dominik Mysterio says goodbye to top WWE star, and it isn’t Liv Morgan

Dominik Mysterio backstage (via his Instagram)

Dominik Mysterio backstage (Images via The star’s Instagram)

WWE Superstar Dominik Mysterio had a message for a top name on his Instagram story. The name in question is none other than his father, Rey Mysterio.

On RAW, Dirty Dom and Liv Morgan won a massive match against Rey Mysterio and Zelina Vega in mixed tag team action. Following Ripley’s return, Liv left Dominik to fend for himself. The latter now claims that he won the match on his own, refusing to share credit with Liv Morgan.

Dominik also took a shot at his father by calling himself the greatest Mysterio of all time. Soon after, he posted a story in which he shared his post. He also added a “Grim Reaper waving goodbye” sticker to his story, as can be seen below:

Rey Mysterio on Aalyah’s reaction to Dominik Mysterio’s heel turn

It’s been about two years since Dominik turned heel in a career-changing move. He is now one of WWE’s most popular stars and receives massive heel heat every week.

Rey Mysterio recently chatted with Bleacher Report and opened up about Aalyah’s reaction to Dominik’s heel character.

“She still says he’s still a d-bag and he’s always been that way. Sometimes she’ll say, ‘Dom takes his role too seriously. He thinks the same character that he’s on TV he has to be at home. I’m just going to slap him.’ You do what you got to do. Dom has always been that way around the house. Always spontaneous with his remarks, very gritty, but overall, he gets a lot of that from my wife because my wife is like that as well.” [H/T Bleacher Report]

Dominik’s career has taken a massive turn since his heel turn in 2022. Many fans believe that he is bound to become a world champion eventually.

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