Alexa Bliss sends a message after old footage of “injury” surfaces; WWE star hints at fooling everyone again

The star has been gone for some time now (Credit:WWE)

The star has been gone for some time now [Image credits:]

Alexa Bliss is one of the most popular WWE Superstars, but it has been a while since she wrestled. She has now sent a message and seems to hint at fooling everyone again.

It has been almost a year and a half since Alexa Bliss last wrestled in WWE, having competed at the 2023 Royal Rumble against Bianca Belair. Since then, she has gone on a hiatus for medical issues and then later to welcome her first child. She stated that she would take time to spend with her baby at first but was interested in returning. She has also been training for such a comeback.

Now, the star appears to be saying she may be fooling everyone. Old footage of Bliss surfaced from when she wrestled Sasha Banks, aka Mercedes Mone. The star was thrown down on her arm, and she pretended that it was broken, using her double-jointed abilities to bend it more than anyone realistically should. However, she was faking and fooling everyone, using it to attack Banks and get the advantage.

She has now sent a message about the same, saying, “And for my next trick…” hinting that she may have been fooling everyone again.

“And for my next trick … 😈,” she wrote.

Whether this means that she is nearing a WWE return and fans will see her back soon in some capacity remains unclear. However, it’s almost certain that she has something up her sleeve.

Fans have been waiting for Alexa Bliss’s return for some time

While Alexa Bliss has been gone from the ring, the fans expected her to be back in WWE soon. When the Wyatt Sicks vignettes and clues started to appear, fans hoped that she would be a part of the group.

However, when the group appeared, she was not part of it after all, despite her past connections with Bray Wyatt.

It remains to be seen what the manner of her return will be when she finally enters a WWE ring again.

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