3 Reasons why Tiffany Stratton won WWE Money in the Bank 2024

Tiffany Stratton won the Women

Tiffany Stratton won the Women’s MITB briefcase [Image Credits: wwe.com]

At the 2024 Money in the Bank premium live event, Tiffany Stratton and Chelsea Green were two of the crowd favorites to win the coveted women’s MITB briefcase. While Green was close to winning the ladder match, it was Stratton who beat five other women, climbed the ladder, and walked home with the briefcase.

Overall, the 25-year-old superstar put up a phenomenal performance and entertained those watching on television and in the arena. In this article, we will explore three reasons why WWE booked Tiffany Stratton to win the 2024 Money in the Bank briefcase.

#3. Tiffany Stratton proved herself on SmackDown

Since making her debut on the main roster in SmackDown, Tiffany Stratton has made quite a name for herself. Not only has she been able to win matches, but she also won the crowd over. A glimpse of this could be seen when Stratton competed in this year’s Elimination Chamber match.

Hence, given how well she has been received by the WWE Universe since her main roster debut, it’s not surprising that the Stamford-based promotion decided to book her to win the Money in the Bank ladder match. In the coming weeks and months on SmackDown, it will be interesting to see how she makes use of it.

#2. Build a rivalry against Nia Jax

On SmackDown, Tiffany Stratton has one friend: Nia Jax. However, given Stratton won the briefcase, this friendship could soon come to an end. At SummerSlam 2024, Jax will face Bayley for the WWE Women’s Championship since Jax is the Queen of the Ring.

Therefore, in the coming weeks, WWE could book an angle where Jax wins the title at SummerSlam, but Tiffany Straton costs her the title by cashing in her Money in the Bank briefcase successfully. This potential angle will anger Jax, and it will lead to a rivalry between the two friends.

#1. To build her as the face of SmackDown

Tiffany Stratton has shown a lot of potential since her debut on SmackDown. While it could be argued that Rhea Ripley is the face of the women’s division on RAW, by booking Tiffany to win the MITB briefcase, WWE probably wants to build her as the face of the women’s division on the blue brand.

Given Stratton is only 25 years old, she has a lot of years ahead, and making someone like her the face of SmackDown would prove to be beneficial for WWE. Hence, WWE probably booked her to win the briefcase so that she could win the WWE Women’s Championship at some point.

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