10-time WWE champ to join Rhea Ripley & Damian Priest against Liv Morgan’s Judgment Day? Exploring potential swerve

Rhea Ripley was out of WWE due to a shoulder injury. [Image Source: WWE.com]

Rhea Ripley was out of WWE due to a shoulder injury. [Image Source: WWE.com]

Rhea Ripley returned to WWE on the latest episode of Monday Night RAW, and she is not happy with Dominik Mysterio. However, her wrath might not be limited to ‘Dirty Dom’, and can extend to the other Judgment Day members except Damian Priest. The Archer of Infamy is the only one who hasn’t come under Liv Morgan’s spell.

With The Eradicator back in the picture, she might choose to leave The Judgment Day rather than reconcile with the men who warmed up to her arch nemesis. There is a high possibility that The Archer of Infamy will side with The Eradicator, forming a new faction against The Judgment Day. To strengthen their faction, Priest and Ripley can unite with 10-time WWE champion Jey Uso.

Main Event Jey has previously shared flirtatious moments with Rhea Ripley and might not hesitate to help her against The Judgment Day. Furthermore, he has won the RAW Tag Team Championship four times and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship six times, making him a great partner for Damian Priest.

Together, the three of them can challenge all the champions of The Judgment Day, including Liv Morgan. While Ripley goes after Morgan for the Women’s World Championship, Priest and Uso can pursue the World Tag Team Championship by challenging current champions Finn Balor and JD McDonagh.

Jey Uso will ideally be inserted back into The Bloodline Saga once Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso return to WWE. In the meantime, Jey Uso can help ‘The Terror Twins’ in their quest against The Judgment Day. It’ll ensure Uso continues to be part of a storyline but becomes available when The Bloodline Saga’s Civil War is ready to be fought.

Rhea Ripley hints at being done with Dominik Mysterio

Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio were just about to lean into an affectionate moment when The Eradicator made her return. Mysterio looked like he saw a ghost as he watched Rhea Ripley walk towards the ring. Liv Morgan ran away before Ripley could get her hands on the Women’s World Champion, but Mysterio suffered through it.

Dominik Mysterio tried his best to explain the situation to The Eradicator, but she was in no mood to listen to his excuses. She pushed him aside before leaving the arena.

Following that, she took to social media to hint towards ending things with ‘Dirty Dom’. It showed a picture of her asking Mysterio to leave.

It’s yet to be revealed how the situation will pan out between the superstars, but it’s unlikely Rhea Ripley will forgive him.

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