World-famous diva was ‘peeled’ by fans when she lip-synced: ‘It’s too familiar’

Fans were not surprised when they discovered the female Diva lip-syncing on stage.

Mariah Carey is called a Diva, an iconic artist in popular music. Throughout her illustrious career, the female singer not only stirred up the world music industry with her rich voice, a series of hits, albums or successful tours, but also left an impression with her… lip-syncing performances. revealing. 

Diva lừng danh thế giới bị fan 'bóc' hát nhép: 'Quá quen rồi'

Mariah Carey was caught lip-syncing again by fans

Recently, a video recording the moment Mariah Carey performed at a music night received a large amount of interaction on social networks. The female singer wore a tight, sexy dress and performed the familiar hit “We Belong Together”. However, what made the audience talk was that Mariah Carey did not sing live but lipsynced confidently. 

“We Belong Together” is considered one of Mariah Carey’s most difficult songs to sing with many climax segments requiring skilled vocal techniques. However, in the video, the fact that Mariah Carey stood still and performed extremely easily and comfortably was the basis for the audience to confirm that the female singer was lip-syncing. 

Watching the performance, many people immediately discovered that Mariah Carey’s lip syncing did not match and even got the lyrics wrong. The female Diva “danced her arms and legs” as if to prove to the audience that she was performing her best, but this effort was insignificant. ” Can I hire a Drag Queen to guide me on how to lip-sync to be more soulful? “, a fan commented. 

Mariah Carey’s memorable lip sync stage

In fact, fans are so used to Mariah Carey lip-syncing because this situation has happened many times before. Some viewers defended, saying that the female singer’s voice has “deteriorated” significantly compared to her peak, because of her age and health problems. 

World-famous diva was 'peeled' by fans when she lip-synced: 'It's too familiar' Photo 1Fans are used to Mariah Carey lip-syncing. 

One of Mariah Carey’s “lifetime” lip-syncing performances was at a New Year’s Eve event in Times Square (New York, USA) in 2017. Specifically, when performing the hit “Emotions”, there was a technical problem. An unexpected technique occurred causing the lip syncing to be revealed. To “put out the fire”, Mariah was forced to walk around the stage and chat with the audience while the background music was still playing and the dancers were still dancing. After the show, social networks were filled with criticism of the female singer. The wave of frustration increased when Mariah Carey did not admit her fault and blamed it all on the show’s organizers.

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