Why was Gene Taylor eliminated? ‘The Voice’ Season 25 contestant fails to impress fans during Knockouts

The Voice Season 25 Knockouts Recap: Gene Taylor, Zeya Raye Eliminated
Gene Taylor faces elimination from ‘The Voice’ Season 25 (X/@NBCTheVoice)

UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA: During the most recent episode of ‘The Voice’ Season 25, viewers were treated to an electrifying showdown between two exceptionally talented contestants from Team Legend. Gene Taylor and Mafe Spanish, both vying for a chance to advance in the competition, went head-to-head in the highly anticipated Knockouts Round.


Gene delivered a heartfelt rendition of Aerosmith’s hit song ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.’ On the other hand, Mafe opted for a more understated approach with her cover of Ariana Grande’s soulful ballad ‘Almost Is Never Enough.’


After their performances, Chance the Rapper commented on Gene’s pitch being slightly inaccurate, however, Dan + Shay were very complimentary of his vocals, stating that they were some of the most exceptional technically out of all the competitors.


Despite both artists showcasing their talent and stage presence, only one could move forward on Team Legend. In the end, John Legend ultimately decided to advance Mafe in the competition, which means Gene Taylor was eliminated.

Soon after, the fans of the show began discussing how Gene’s poor selection of song could have been the reason for his elimination.

An X user said, “I like Gene, but that wasn’t a good song choice for him. I get taking risks, but you’re trying to win the competition. He should’ve picked something else. He was all over the place.”



Another user chimed in,” @NBCTheVoice Sorry, Gene, that wasn’t my favorite… it didn’t feel like you were connected to the music.”



Followed by a user who penned, “Might have not been the best song choice, but no denying Gene Taylor had one of the best voices this season.”

An unimpressed user shared, “Horrible lol.”

Who is Gene Taylor on ‘The Voice’ Season 25?

Gene Taylor, a skilled musician hailing from Brooklyn, is a versatile artist who has perfected his craft as a vocalist, songwriter, and instrumentalist. With a wealth of experience at the young age of 33, he has solidified his reputation as a talented musician proficient in playing the guitar, bass, and keyboards.

Whether he is strumming the guitar, plucking the bass, or captivating audiences with his keyboard skills, Gene’s musical talent is limitless. His endless creativity and commitment to his art make him a formidable presence in the music scene.


With his remarkable ability to perform enthralling versions of beloved rock anthems, he possesses a skill that is sure to greatly benefit him on his journey to success in ‘The Voice’. It is particularly noteworthy that he has cultivated a deep connection with the iconic band Journey, deeming them as his ultimate source of inspiration and admiration within the realm of rock music.
'The Voice' Season 25 contestant Gene Taylor is from Brooklyn (X/@NBCTheVoice)‘The Voice’ Season 25 contestant Gene Taylor is from Brooklyn (X/@NBCTheVoice)

Who is Mafe Spanish on ‘The Voice’ Season 25?

Mafe Spanish, a talented singer from Venezuela, now lives in the bustling city of Miami. Music has been Mafe’s true love since she was young, and she has always been drawn to the captivating world of tunes and rhythms. She dreams of making a name for herself in the challenging music scene with her undeniable passion and talent.
'The Voice' Season 25 contestant Mafe Spanish hails from Venezuela (X/@NBCTheVoice)‘The Voice’ Season 25 contestant Mafe Spanish hails from Venezuela (X/@NBCTheVoice)

‘The Voice’ Season 25 airs on NBC at 8 pm on Mondays and 9 pm on Tuesdays. The episodes will be available on Peacock on demand the next day. The streaming site also includes entire episodes from the show’s prior seasons.

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