Wendy Williams Ex-Husband Broke & Alone, Mistress Sharina Hudson Dumps Him After Money Dries Up, According To Sources

Wendy Williams may have gotten the last laugh after all now that it’s being reported her ex-spouse Kevin Hunter and his mistress have separated in the amid of money issues. Wendy Williams said she’d get him back, and it seem like she kept her word. The ex tv host has been quietly at war with former-husband Kevin Hunter since it was announced he fathered a child with mistress Sharina Hudson.

Additionally to ending his career in television and divorcing him, Wendy Williams has been making sure that Hunter does not get a single cent of her money after he was rewarded alimony in their divorce. It is still not clear how intentional it has all been, but one thing is for certain, she looked like she’ll be getting the last laugh.

While Wendy Williams has kept fans concerned with her health issues and has unveiled about how her money has all been frozen, the silver lining has been how it’s all affected her former-husband Kevin Hunter. Wendy Williams only completed one season after their divorce, and a combination of Covid and her existing health concerns derailed the Wendy Williams Show completely.

In the process, she is no far earning money. Under their divorce agreement, Wendy Williams does not have to pay Hunter if she is not working. This has sent Kevin Hunter into a tailspin.

After moving in with his mistress to raise their daughter together, he has also opened several businesses, additionally a vegan restaurant and a barbershop.

With the alimony payments drying up over a year ago, he’s had to shut a lot of that down and is reportedly selling off properties like crazy to make ends meet.

He told judges he could no far afford his mortgage and tried to get Williams’s team to front the bill, but the courts declined his request.

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