(VIDEO) Fantasia Exclusively Reveals How Oprah Blackballed These 5 Actors.

Fantasia Barrino and other actors from “The Color Purple” have voiced serious concerns about their treatment during the film’s production, allegedly led by Oprah Winfrey. Fantasia, who played Celie, has shared her experiences of feeling overlooked and undervalued, despite maintaining her integrity in the industry. Reports suggest that actors faced poor working conditions, including low pay, long hours, and inadequate provisions. Notably, they had to share trailers and bring their own food. Fantasia is reportedly not alone in her fight. High-profile supporters like Denzel Washington and other celebrities are standing by her, highlighting the ongoing struggles for fair treatment and pay for Black actors in Hollywood. Taraji P. Henson also revealed her challenges, such as battling for fair compensation and dealing with inadequate working conditions.


The controversy isn’t new; similar issues arose with Mo’Nique during the promotion of “Precious.” Dave Chappelle and 50 Cent have also publicly criticized Oprah, citing her lack of support for Black entertainers. This collective outcry underscores a broader systemic issue within the entertainment industry regarding the treatment of Black talent

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