Two Sisters Take the Stage with an Unexpected Performance! The Examination Board Shed Tears

Performances on a big platform are always good. There are many people who do unimaginable things on live television. And that was certainly the case with “The Freaks,” made up of Austrian sisters Paula, 17, and Anika, 9, on one of the biggest platforms there is: Britain’s Got Talent.


Some performances don’t just leave the audience amazed, even the judges are surprised when they see them. This performance is one like that that: it blew everyone’s mind because it was not what they expected. In this video, these girls show they have both dedication and skill, key ingredients for a successful routine. Even though they seem quite nervous backstage, their performance is on fire.

One of the commenters says they are, “spellbound with that amazing performance… must have been so many rehearsals… nailed it, team.” Another impressed commenter says, “This fantastic team deserves 4 golden buzzers!!

He continued: “How much talent do you still have to show to be accepted? With a little bit, imagination can be imagined – how much work is behind this performance!!” This performance will make your heart happy. Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!



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