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Travis Scott and SZA have been sparking rumors of a romance, and sources suggest that Travis feels relieved to have found love with SZA, believing she helped him escape the Kardashian family’s influence.

Conversely, Kylie Jenner is reportedly furious, feeling betrayed after her plan to keep Travis by having his children failed, and now that SZA is in the picture, Travis allegedly wants to distance himself from the Kardashian clan. So, what did Travis reveal about his relationship with SZA? Let’s delve into the details.

Speculation about Travis and SZA’s romantic involvement began circulating in June when videos of their joint performance in the UK went viral, showcasing what fans perceived as flirty interactions between the two. Their chemistry on stage fueled excitement among fans, who took to social media to express their support for the potential couple. Travis’s repeated appearances alongside SZA during her European tour, despite promoting his own album, further fueled speculation about their relationship.

Travis Scott Reveals How SZA Saved Him From Kylie Jenner

The history between Travis and SZA dates back to 2017 when they collaborated on the song “Love Galore” for SZA’s debut album. Their flirty exchanges on social media around that time added fuel to the rumors of a possible romance. Fast forward to late 2022, after Travis ended things with Kylie for good, he collaborated with SZA again on the track “Opened Arms” from her second studio album. They also collaborated on Travis’s new album, “Utopia,” and SZA starred as his love interest in the music video for “K-pop.”

Sources close to Travis suggest that his relationship with SZA has provided him with a sense of relief, believing she saved him from the toxicity associated with the Kardashian family. Travis’s involvement with the Kardashians, particularly Kylie, has been marked by scandals and speculation. Reports suggest that Kylie’s plan to keep Travis by having his children failed, leading to tension between them and ultimately contributing to Travis’s desire to distance himself from the Kardashians.

Kylie’s alleged fixation on having mixed-race children, combined with Travis’s reported reluctance to fully commit to their relationship, has led fans to question the authenticity of their connection. Some fans speculate that Travis was merely playing the role of Kylie’s partner for publicity, while others suggest that he was paid by the Kardashian family to maintain the facade of a happy family.

Kylie Jenner Goes Off On Travis Scott for Dating SZA - YouTube

In contrast, fans express support for Travis’s relationship with SZA, viewing it as a positive development for him. They believe that SZA represents a genuine connection for Travis, free from the influence and manipulation associated with the Kardashian family. Fans also suggest that Travis and SZA are a better match compared to Travis and Kylie, citing their chemistry and history of collaboration in music.

Overall, fans are optimistic about Travis and SZA’s relationship, viewing it as a positive step for Travis’s well-being and happiness. They express hope that Travis will find genuine love and fulfillment with SZA, away from the drama and scrutiny of the Kardashian family.


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