Tia Mowry finally speaks out about her new boyfriend…it’s someone who makes her want to break up with her ex-husband…?

Tia, once again, finds herself in the spotlight as rumors swirl about her new romance, proving that she’s still the “it” girl. Despite her messy divorce from Corey, she’s embraced a new chapter in her love life with grace and positivity.

Tia and Corey’s divorce initially seemed amicable, but things took a messy turn when Corey demanded spousal support, drawing criticism for being a “gold digger.” Despite the drama, Tia remained focused on her own happiness, refusing to let Corey’s actions dampen her spirits.

Tia Mowry Finally Speaks On Her New Boyfriend - YouTube

Recent Instagram posts have shown Tia glowing with happiness, sparking rumors of a new romance. Given her status as a beloved celebrity, it’s no surprise that admirers are lining up for a chance with her. Corey, however, seems less than thrilled about Tia moving on, as evidenced by his heated response to questions about her new love interest during a live Instagram session.

While Corey denies cheating on Tia and expresses his love for his family, his reactions suggest he’s feeling the pressure of Tia’s newfound happiness. Nevertheless, Tia continues to share cryptic tweets hinting at her love life, leading many to speculate that her co-star from “17 Again,” Mark Taylor, may be her new beau based on recent photos.

Will Tia Mowry Spend Christmas With Cory Hardrict Amid Divorce? | Us Weekly

Fans have expressed support for Tia’s happiness, hoping she finds someone who truly appreciates her. Many have observed Corey’s apparent stress and unhappiness, contrasting it with Tia’s vibrant energy. Despite the uncertainty surrounding her relationship status, Tia’s fans remain eager to see her find love and fulfillment.

As the drama unfolds, Tia remains focused on living her best life, unbothered by Corey’s attempts to stir up trouble. Her resilience and positivity serve as an inspiration to many, reminding them to prioritize their own happiness and well-being above all else.

In conclusion, Tia’s journey to find love after her divorce from Corey has been filled with ups and downs. Despite facing challenges and criticism, she continues to radiate positivity and grace, inspiring her fans to do the same. As rumors swirl and tensions rise, Tia remains unapologetically herself, embracing new opportunities for love and happiness.


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