“THIS IS SAD TO WATCH” Floyd Mayweather REACTS To Mike Tyson NEW Training Footage At 57 Years Old

Floyd Mayweather recently shared his reaction to the latest training footage of boxing legend Mike Tyson, expressing concerns about Tyson’s performance against real fighters. Mayweather’s remarks come amidst a growing debate over Tyson’s fight with Jake Paul, a YouTube personality turned professional boxer. However, not everyone shares Mayweather’s skepticism, as UFC star Nate Diaz has voiced his support for Tyson, labeling him as the “Goatman.”

Diaz’s endorsement of Tyson stems from his belief in the former heavyweight champion’s prowess, which he feels Paul has yet to match in his boxing journey. Diaz’s comments also hint at his own potential rematch with Jake Paul, indicating a broader interest in settling scores with various opponents.

Meanwhile, boxing icon Manny Pacquiao has weighed in on the matchup between Tyson and Paul, echoing Tyson’s confidence in ending Paul’s boxing career. Pacquiao’s endorsement of Tyson’s skills underscores the widespread belief in Tyson’s abilities despite his age.

THIS IS SAD TO WATCH" Floyd Mayweather REACTS To Mike Tyson NEW Training  Footage At 57 Years Old - YouTube

However, not everyone is enthusiastic about the upcoming fight. British boxing legend Ricky Hatton has expressed disapproval of Tyson’s matchup with Paul, criticizing the trend of YouTube personalities entering the professional boxing arena. Hatton’s sentiments reflect a broader concern within the boxing community about the integrity of the sport.

Similarly, boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez has shown little interest in the Tyson-Paul fight, citing concerns about its impact on boxing’s reputation. While Alvarez acknowledges the entertainment value of such matchups, he remains steadfast in his decision not to engage in them himself.

Other boxing figures, such as David Benavidez, recognize Tyson’s legendary fighting spirit but express apprehension about his advancing age. Benavidez emphasizes the importance of Tyson’s preparation leading up to the fight, highlighting the potential risks associated with facing a younger opponent like Paul.

Despite concerns about Tyson’s age and physical condition, former professional boxer Kenny Rainford remains confident in Tyson’s ability to defeat Paul. Rainford acknowledges the challenges Tyson may face due to his age but believes Tyson’s experience and skill will ultimately prevail.

Boxing Legends PREDICT Jake Paul VS Mike Tyson..

Mauricio Sulaiman, head of the WBC, acknowledges the concerns surrounding Tyson’s return to the ring but emphasizes the importance of supporting the fight for its entertainment value. Sulaiman recognizes the risks inherent in boxing but underscores the WBC’s commitment to minimizing those risks for all fighters.

As anticipation for the Tyson-Paul fight continues to build, Tyson himself has been actively training and preparing for the showdown. Recent training footage showcases Tyson’s formidable skills and determination, further fueling excitement for the bout.

Ultimately, the Tyson-Paul fight represents more than just a matchup between two fighters—it embodies the intersection of entertainment and sport in today’s boxing landscape. Whether Tyson can turn back the clock and deliver a vintage performance or if Paul can rise to the occasion remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the fight has captured the attention of fans and pundits alike.


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