Tamera Mowry Had the Same Reaction to Meeting Mariah Carey as You Would

Let me see, what’s the commotion going on here. That’s Mariah Carey! I’ve never met Mariah Carey but my brother, Taj, did a video with her. Fun fact you guys, my brother did a video with her. We wanted our mother to take us on the shoot. She never did. Nows my chance to meet her. Do it. [CROSSTALK] My God! Should I? Well I’m just gonna say hi, right? Okay, so when she walks by I’ll just say hi. Hi. Hi Chrissy! Slay. My God, okay. Hi Mariah! I love you! Hi. Hi. She called me gorgeous, my god. [LAUGH] She called me gorgeous. [LAUGH] My night, my god, okay, my night is made, I’m done. DId you guys see that? My god, awesome.

Tamera Mowry is just as much of a Mariah Carey fan as we are, but most of us, she got to meet her idol on Sunday night. The former Sister, Sister star was giving an interview on the red carpet during InStyle’s Golden Globes after-party when she realized that Carey was walking the carpet behind her.

“THAT’S MARIAH CAREY,” she declared after turning around to see what the commotion was about.

“I’m just going to say hi, right? When she walks by I’m just going to say hi,” she tells the camera, trying to keep it cool and effectively narrating her play-by-play reaction.

Seconds later, Carey walks by, and Mowry seizes her opportunity to greet the pop icon. Nothing but gracious, Carey grabs her hand and returns the greeting as she walks by.

“She called me gorgeous!” Mowry exclaims to the camera. “My night is made. I’m done. Did you guys see that?”

Proof no one is immune from fawning over queen Mariah.

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