Swedish Singer Captivates Crowd and Judges with Soulful Rendition of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’

We’re used to good performances on the various TV talent shows. But here’s a guy singing in his second language with such elegance that it gives you chills.


Chris Kläfford is from a small village in Sweden, which he says has about 15 people and most of whom are related to him. He says he grew up listening to rock-n-roll, mentioning superstar group Kiss as one of his influences, so I was expecting to hear some upbeat rock.

But Chris starts a slow, soft melody on his acoustic guitar and then begins a song so soft it’s hard to hear: John Lennon’s iconic “Imagine.”

The song, released in 1971, is a plea for global unity and peace, and it’s message of hope has resonated with millions of people over the decades. The song’s simple yet powerful lyrics, which include lines like “imagine no possessions” and “imagine all the people living life in peace”, have become part of the lexicon of pop culture. The song has also been covered by various artists and has been used in countless movies, commercials, and other media.


From his slow, soft start, Chris slowly builds to an incredible, powerful performance that has many in the audience, and even a couple of judges, overcome with emotion.

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