Reba Says She Would Marry Rex Linn: “I’m Truly Committed To Rex”

How Reba and Rex Met

Reba and Rex have known each other for quite some time, initially meeting in 1991 on the set of the film The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw. Although the pair have been friends for years, their romantic relationship didn’t start until 2020, when Reba guest starred on Rex’s show, Young Sheldon. After the two were done filming, they went on a dinner date— starting the beginning of a beautiful love story.


During an interview with E! News, Reba described their bond as being like magnets, drawing them together despite being physically apart for a period of time. Even when the pair rekindled years later, there was still a period where they didn’t see each other for a few months.

“We didn’t get to see each other from January ‘til June 16, but we created an intimacy by texting and talking over the telephone that we wouldn’t have gotten if we’d have been together all of that time,” Reba revealed.

It turns out, their time apart was crucial for them, allowing them to understand each other’s personalities better and not just focus on appearances.

“You know the ins and outs of their personality and their faults,” she says. “You love them for the way they are, instead of it being a total attraction and sizing them up because of appearance.”

Since reconciling in 2020, Reba and Rex have been inseparable, but the question remains: will marriage be in their future?

“I’m truly committed to Rex,” she stated. “So if that’s something he feels totally strong about, that’s fine with me. He’s never been married before. So if he wants to experience that, I’m OK with that.”

Reba has been married twice before, having a 26-year marriage with Narvel Blackstock until their split in 2015, and previously wed to Charlie Battles from 1976 to 1987.

Watch Reba share details about her relationship with Rex Linn below.



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