‘Not the best of her’: ‘The Voice’ Season 25 fans disappointed by Zeya Rae’s Knockouts performance

Not the best of her': 'The Voice' Season 25 fans disappointed by Zeya Rae's  Knockouts performance - MEAWW

‘The Voice’ contestant Zeya Rae performs ‘River’ by Bishop Briggs during Knockouts (YouTube/The Voice)

UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA: In the latest episode of ‘The Voice’ Season 25, viewers witnessed a spectacular showdown between Team Reba’s talented duo, Justin & Jeremy Garcia, and the powerhouse vocalist Zeya Rae.

The competition intensified as the Garcia brothers graced the stage with a captivating rendition of Calum Scott’s poignant ballad, ‘You Are the Reason’, while Zeya delivered a soul-stirring performance of Bishop Briggs’ commanding hit, ‘River’.

The performances left both the coaches and the audience in awe, making it a tough decision for Team Reba’s coach to choose a winner.  After the day, Reba McEntire ultimately chose Justin & Jeremy Garcia as her top picks. Meanwhile, Zeya had to bid farewell to ‘The Voice.’

However, fans of ‘The Voice’ were disappointed by Zeya Rae’s lackluster performance during the Knockouts, leading many to speculate that it ultimately led to her elimination from the competition. One user wrote, “Not the best of her. Just a little bit to up that key, it might be different.”

Followed by a user who said, “I wasn’t mad at the song but I think she could have gave more to the song. People like Nini and even SandyRedd threw their hair into this song with great vocals. I just think hers went a little under.”

Another fan wrote, “Nini performed the song so much better last season.” One user shared, “Sorry can’t beat Nini.”

Another said, “started pretty sedate, set us up, came in with those rough and tumble sections. She cuts off the notes here and there. Enjoyed her vibing to the music. Nailed the big note, some nice melisma. She was fighting for her life. kinda fell off on the ending.”

Who is Zeya Rae on ‘The Voice’ Season 25?

Zeya Rae, a young and exceptionally gifted artist, confidently labels herself as the ‘adored and passionate Gemini’ on her widely followed Instagram account. Utilizing this digital space, she proudly exhibits her extraordinary abilities as a versatile musician and lyricist.

On her YouTube channel, ‘The Voice’ contestant proudly labels herself as a pop/soul and R&B artist, displaying her deep love for music.

Zeya has been immersed in the music industry for a considerable period, with her journey stretching back several years. She initially started by uploading covers of well-known songs in 2014, and within just a year, she began showcasing her talent through live performances in various public venues.

'The Voice' star Zeya Rae fails to win over the hearts of the show's fans during Knockouts (YouTube/The Voice)‘The Voice’ star Zeya Rae fails to win over the hearts of the show’s fans during Knockouts (YouTube/The Voice)

Who are Justin and Jeremy Garcia on ‘The Voice’ Season 25?

Justin and Jeremy Garcia, 17-year-old twins from the San Francisco Bay Area, are garnering recognition for their unique musical flair and electrifying live performances.

Justin and Jeremy’s music combines different styles, demonstrating their flexibility and innovation as musicians. They are dedicated to making music that connects with their audience and aim to make a lasting impression in the music world.

They recently took part in the Folsom Jazz Festival as seniors in high school, where they displayed their musical abilities alongside their peers. The competition is known as the largest jazz event in California.

Despite being new to social media, this duo has quickly become popular on both Instagram and TikTok by posting impressive cover songs. Their recent performances of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Life Goes On’ and James Arthur’s ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ highlight their undeniable musical skill and talent.

Justin and Jeremy Garcia on 'The Voice' Season 25 are from San Francisco (YouTube/The Voice)

Justin and Jeremy Garcia on ‘The Voice’ Season 25 are from San Francisco (YouTube/The Voice)
‘The Voice’ Season 25 airs on NBC at 8 pm on Mondays and 9 pm on Tuesdays. The episodes will be available on Peacock on demand the next day. The streaming site also includes entire episodes from the show’s prior seasons.

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