“NOBODY WILL BEAT HIM!” Pros Ringside REACTIONS To Naoya Inoue VS Luis Nery

The boxing community is abuzz with reactions following the electrifying showdown between Naoya Inoue and Luis Nery. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the ringside responses and insights from key figures in the sport.

Sam Goodman, expressing his sentiments after witnessing the fight, emphasized his belief in his ability to defeat Inoue. Despite the language barrier, Goodman recognized the opportunity presented by facing Inoue and expressed confidence in his skills. He acknowledged Inoue’s vulnerability in the first round and highlighted his determination to capitalize on any weaknesses in their potential matchup.

"NOBODY WILL BEAT HIM!" Pros Ringside REACTIONS To Naoya Inoue VS Luis Nery

Bob Arum, the renowned promoter, hinted at the possibility of a future fight between Goodman and Inoue, indicating interest from both sides. Arum’s endorsement further underscored the significance of such a matchup in the boxing world.

Jason Maloney, a prominent figure in the sport, shared his perspective on the Inoue-Nery bout, predicting another dominating performance from Inoue. Maloney highlighted Inoue’s remarkable achievements and emphasized his status as the undisputed champion in the super bantamweight division. While acknowledging Nery as a credible opponent, Maloney reiterated his belief that nobody in the division could defeat Inoue at the present time.

Maloney also provided insights into Nery’s fighting style and strengths, noting his power and aggression in the ring. However, Maloney remained steadfast in his assessment that Inoue would emerge victorious, citing his unmatched skills and track record of success.

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Nery himself entered the matchup with confidence, expressing his intent to win by knockout and presenting himself as a formidable challenger to Inoue’s dominance. Despite acknowledging Inoue’s skills, Nery emphasized his own strengths and vowed to deliver an upset victory in their bout.

The buildup to the fight saw both fighters exchanging words and expressing their determination to emerge victorious. Nery, in particular, positioned himself as the underdog with nothing to lose, embracing his role as the villain who would dethrone Inoue.

The anticipation surrounding the fight was palpable, with fans eagerly awaiting the clash between two titans of the super bantamweight division. The prospect of witnessing Inoue defend his titles against a worthy challenger like Nery added to the excitement surrounding the matchup.

In conclusion, the ringside reactions to the Inoue-Nery bout reflect the anticipation and excitement within the boxing community. With both fighters showcasing their skills and determination, the stage is set for an epic showdown that promises to deliver fireworks in the ring.


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