Nervous 13-Year-Old’s Flawless Rendition of ‘Somebody To Love’ Leaves Judges in Awe

The Voice is one of the most loved and popular talent shows on the planet. The show has delighted views over the years with its unique presentation as well as its amazing array of talented contestants. As the show progressed, it also branched out to many countries around the world, including Germany, Italy and the United States. The most striking part of the show as to be the blind auditions—judges cannot see the contestants unless they are impressed by their voices!


The following video shows a clip from The Voice Kids UK. It shows a 13-year-old girl named Jessica Richardson onstage. She had to impress the judges solely with her voice, and you could tell that she really felt the pressure on her shoulders. Thankfully, she didn’t let the pressure crack her. She had chosen to sing Queen’s classic hit, “Somebody To Love”. It was quite a hard song, but she really did a great job of it!

She got onstage, and as soon as she hit the first note, she really blew everyone away. She hit the note perfectly and so powerfully. Her nervousness also seemed to melt away. The judges were visibly impressed by her voice, as you can tell by the expressions on their faces. They couldn’t hold it in, and instantly slammed the buzzers after a while. The young lady continued to wow them through and through.

Jessica really deserved all the praise and admiration she got. For someone so young, her voice was really beyond her years! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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