NBA Commissioner Adam Silver expresses dissatisfaction with the WNBA’s treatment of Caitlin Clark, condemning controversial cheap shots.-b


It is no secret the treatment Caitlin Clark is receiving from the WNBA, players, opposing teams, media and many others has been divisive, to say the least. She has been hit with cheap shots, at the center of attention, yet still is the sole reason fans are tuning in. She is carrying the WNBA.

It has been a hot-button topic and some are very strong in their stance of how the treatment has been. Some think it is over the line and too far while others believe it is welcoming a rookie to the league.

The NBA has weighed in on the treatment now. NBA commissioner Adam Silver has given his thoughts on the situation.

It’s nothing new in basketball. There’s, sort of, ‘Welcome to the league’ moments. Especially for heralded rookies. But of course, I want to see Caitlin treated fairly and appropriately in the league. She seems like she can take care of herself; she’s a tough player. – Adam Silver

Silver chose his words carefully as he knows what star players mean to leagues. The NBA relies on LeBron James and other highly touted players to bring fans in so he understands needing those players on the court and playing at a high level.

Ultimately, I think this is very healthy for women’s basketball and the WNBA. It’s generating a tremendous additional interest. In fairness to the other players and in fairness to (WNBA) Commissioner (Cathy) Engelbert, this just didn’t start this year. Certainly, we’re seeing an acceleration of it with Caitlin. But many individual stars within the league. – Adam Silver

Despite the controversial treatment, Clark has rebounded nicely and found her way. She is averaging 16.3 points per game, 6 assists and 4.9 rebounds.


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