“My Heart Stopped” Ramadhani Brothers Left “AGT” Speechless With Gravity-Defying Acrobatics

The Ramadhani Brothers first made their unforgettable appearance on AGT just last year, earning themselves fifth place in the 18th season of the competition. Now, they’re back again for AGT: Fantasy League. In this version of the beloved show, each judge has chosen some of the best performers for their team. Heidi Klum chose this talented duo.

Fadhili Ramadhani and Ibrahim Jobu are certainly no strangers to performing under high-stress situations. The two are trained acrobats from Tanzania and have more than two decades of training under the director of Cirque Africa. They even appeared on Australia’s Got Talent.AGT's Putri Ariani Gets Golden Buzzer: Season 18 Episode 2 Recap –  Hollywood LifeStill, I can only imagine the amount of pressure the two of them feel each time they take to the stage. There’s the usual anxiety of performing, of course, but the feats they choose to accomplish will cause anyone to, quite literally, sit on the edge of their seat — and this performance is no different.

In fact, in reaction to their latest performance, Simon Cowell says, “I like to feel we’re judging this show based on what we’ve seen each act do before, and I thought there must be a ceiling, and you’ve just broken through that ceiling.”

What could cause Cowell to say this? In their performance, as one of the brothers carefully walks across six giant steps, while blindfolded, the other is balanced on top of his head. That’s right: They’re head-to-head!

“My heart stopped at least three times!” Terry Crews shares after their performance.

All of the judges can’t get over how talented these brothers are — though, it’s safe to say that Howie Mandel is especially a fan.

Despite Klum’s attempt, which includes tackling Mandel to the ground, the comedian manages to hit the Golden Buzzer, sending the Ramadhani Brothers to the semi-finals and his own team.

I’d say there’s no way their performances can get any better, but clearly these talented brothers have already proven that there’s no limit to what they can accomplish together!

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