Kendrick Exposes List Of Drake’s Gr00ming Victims | Kylie Jenner, Millie Bobby Brown…

In the latest chapter of hip-hop’s ongoing saga, tensions between Kendrick Lamar and Drake have escalated to new heights. Kendrick’s scathing diss track, “Not Like Us,” has set the rap world abuzz with allegations of criminal activity and inappropriate behavior against Drake.

The song accuses Drake of running a PDF (Predatory and Despicable Felon) operation from his Toronto mansion, implicating him in a web of disturbing rumors and criminal behavior.

Kendrick’s lyrics pull no punches, painting Drake as a calculated criminal mastermind. He alleges that Drake preys on young women in the industry, citing his documented history of questionable interactions with underage fans, celebrities like Kylie Jenner, and even Millie Bobby Brown. The accusations suggest a pattern of behavior that goes beyond mere eccentricity, hinting at a more sinister agenda at play.

Kendrick Exposes List Of Drake's Gr00ming Victims | Kylie Jenner, Millie  Bobby Brown...

But Kendrick doesn’t stop there. He goes on to claim that Drake’s OVO team operates like a criminal enterprise, engaging in illegal activities under the guise of a legitimate music label. The song suggests that Drake’s mansion could be raided like Diddy’s, implying that law enforcement may soon uncover evidence of his alleged misdeeds.

Drake’s response, “The Heart Part Six,” attempts to refute Kendrick’s accusations, but falls short of addressing the substance of the allegations. Instead, Drake dismisses the claims as baseless, arguing that his fame and influence would have already landed him in jail if they were true. However, this argument rings hollow in light of recent events and ongoing scrutiny surrounding high-profile figures in the entertainment industry.

What’s more, Drake’s decision to name-drop Millie Bobby Brown in his response only adds fuel to the fire. By bringing her into the conversation, Drake inadvertently draws attention to past controversies and rumors surrounding their relationship, further tarnishing his image and credibility.

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The feud between Kendrick and Drake has divided fans and sparked heated debate within the hip-hop community. While some defend Drake and dismiss Kendrick’s allegations as mere speculation, others see them as a wake-up call to confront the darker side of the industry. Regardless of where one stands, it’s clear that this feud has exposed deeper issues within the music world, raising questions about power, influence, and accountability.

As the battle between Kendrick and Drake rages on, one thing is certain: the truth behind the allegations remains to be seen. Only time will tell whether Kendrick’s claims hold water or if Drake will emerge unscathed from this latest controversy. In the meantime, hip-hop fans are left to ponder the implications of these explosive accusations and what they mean for the future of the genre.


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