JUST IN: Gene Deal EXPOSES Who Were on Diddy’s SECRET Hit List!

Gene Deal has recently revealed shocking details about Diddy’s alleged secret hit list, shedding light on a dark aspect of the music industry. According to Deal, the list includes various prominent figures from Oprah Winfrey to Justin Bieber, indicating a wide range of individuals potentially targeted by the rapper.

The revelation comes in the wake of yet another tragic incident in the rap world, with a star falling victim to violence. The circumstances surrounding these events are often murky, but Deal’s claims suggest a sinister undercurrent within the industry.

JUST IN: Gene Deal EXPOSES Who Were on Diddy's SECRET Hit List!

Among the names on Diddy’s alleged hit list are Oprah, JLo, Will Smith, and many others, including notable celebrities like Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, and Mark Wahlberg. The inclusion of such high-profile individuals underscores the gravity of Deal’s allegations and raises concerns about the safety of those involved in the entertainment industry.

Deal also delves into Diddy’s past, highlighting the rapper’s rise to fame and his association with Uptown Records. He reflects on the demise of several key figures from that era, including Andre Harrell and Heavy D, suggesting a pattern of tragedy surrounding those connected to Diddy.

Moreover, Deal claims to have insider knowledge about Diddy’s notorious “freak off sessions,” alleging that the rapper had a list of individuals invited to his mansions for these gatherings. The existence of such a list raises questions about Diddy’s relationships and activities behind closed doors.

“50 Cent Will Beat Up Stevie J” Gene Deal On Diddy Being Seen With Stevie J  In Miami After The Raids - YouTube

In addition to the revelations about Diddy’s alleged hit list and questionable activities, Deal also discusses the circumstances surrounding the death of Notorious B.I.G. According to Deal, Biggie’s murder was not a random drive-by shooting as commonly believed but a targeted attack. He provides chilling details about the events leading up to Biggie’s death, painting a disturbing picture of the rapper’s final moments.

Throughout his interview, Deal expresses frustration with the portrayal of events in documentaries and interviews, calling for a more honest and transparent discussion about the darker side of the music industry. He urges listeners to confront the reality of the situation rather than perpetuating myths and misconceptions.

In conclusion, Gene Deal’s revelations about Diddy’s alleged hit list and other questionable activities shed light on the darker side of the music industry. His insights into the circumstances surrounding Biggie’s death and the broader implications for those involved in the entertainment industry are both troubling and thought-provoking. As the truth continues to emerge, it is essential to confront these uncomfortable truths and demand accountability from those responsible.

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