Jennifer Hudson BLASTS Tiffany Haddish For Trying To CHEAT With Common

Jennifer Hudson BLASTS Tiffany Haddish For Trying To CHEAT With Common

Jennifer Hudson BLASTS Tiffany Haddish For Trying To CHEAT With Common

So Jennifer Hudson is DRAGGING Tiffany Haddish for FILTH because she is convinced that Tiffany is trying to get with Common because Tiffany just can’t STOP talking about him and even revealed that she’s still open to marrying Common

Well, Jennifer is NOT here for Tiffany talking about her man like this, and she is sending a clear message to Tiffany to stay clear of her man OR ELSE. Uhh… is this why Tiffany has been shading Jennifer on social media?

In the midst of celebrity drama, Jennifer Hudson finds herself at odds with Tiffany Haddish over rapper Common. Here’s a deep dive into their tangled web of relationships and recent confrontations.

Jennifer Hudson BLASTS Tiffany Haddish For Trying To CHEAT With Common -  YouTube

Jennifer Hudson has recently taken to calling out Tiffany Haddish for what she perceives as attempts to rekindle a romance with Common, Hudson’s current beau.

The tension between the two women has escalated, prompting Hudson to issue a clear warning to Haddish to stay away from her man.

The roots of this feud trace back to Haddish and Common’s past relationship. The pair dated for about a year, making headlines for their seemingly perfect match.

However, cracks began to show when Haddish expressed her desire for marriage, only to be met with lukewarm responses from Common.

Despite her hopes for a proposal, their relationship ultimately fizzled out, leaving Haddish feeling disappointed and perhaps still longing for what could have been.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Hudson and Common’s relationship blossomed after years of friendship and professional acquaintance.

Their romance escalated during the filming of a movie in Philadelphia, culminating in public displays of affection and a trip to London together.

However, Haddish’s continued interest in Common has put a strain on Hudson’s relationship, leading to her public admonishments of Haddish.

Hudson’s concerns about Haddish’s intentions are fueled by the latter’s repeated mentions of her past relationship with Common and hints at a potential reconciliation.

Despite Hudson’s warnings to Common to sever ties with Haddish, tensions between the two women persist.



In the court of public opinion, opinions are divided. Some view Haddish’s actions as harmless reminiscence, while others see them as thinly veiled attempts to win back Common’s affections.

Regardless, Hudson remains steadfast in her stance, unwilling to tolerate any perceived threats to her relationship.

As the drama unfolds, it serves as a cautionary tale about the complexities of love, jealousy, and celebrity relationships.

Only time will tell how this saga will conclude, but for now, the spotlight remains firmly on the tangled dynamics between Jennifer Hudson, Tiffany Haddish, and Common.

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