Jay Z Criticizes Oscars for Overlooking Wife Beyoncé’s Contributions, Disputes Taylor Swift’s Eligibility for the Award”…

Disputes Taylor Swift’s Eligibility

with an Album of the Year award, Griffin criticized the move for “taking away” from Swift’s historic evening that saw her become the first person in history to win four Album of the Year honors.



The View' star criticizes Jay-Z's Grammys speech over Taylor Swift




“This is a long-standing thing. I think the country has never gotten over that [Beyoncé] didn’t win Album of the Year for I Am… Sasha Fierce, and this goes back to the Taylor drama, she won for Fearless that year. Objectively, I can say I think Beyoncé should’ve won for I Am… Sasha Fierce,” Griffin said Monday during a Hot Topics about the ceremony, going on to say that she “didn’t love” portions of Jay-Z’s speech. “I liked that he had the courage to say it for his wife. I like when a couple whose had a tumultuous relationship at times, you see that longevity, you see that love and see them stick up for each other. I liked that part of it. I don’t know that it makes sense that Beyoncé has so many awards and never won Album of the Yearjust an incredible moment for everyone, for American culture,” she observed.


“I think there’s some sort of discrepancy there in terms of who this country decides is the pop princess, or who this country makes the determination for. Sometimes, I don’t think the country gets it right.”

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