Jason Aldean Comes Forward About Whiskey, Miranda Lambert & Pool

The country music star is opening up about his afternoon spent drinking copious amounts of whiskey alongside one of the industry’s most successful female artists – and makes note of their pool-playing skills.

In a Nashville dive bar that Jason Aldean had previously done a photo shoot for his album in, he and his crew along with Miranda Lambert hung around for an entire afternoon, drinking, singing, and chalking their pool cues.

Sitting on stage next to CMT’s Cody Alan, Aldean opens up about his duet with Lambert, “Drowns The Whiskey” and the day they shot the music video.

Apparently, Lambert had told Alan that her pool game wasn’t that strong, but confessed that she drank way more whiskey than Aldean did.

“That day, we were like, ‘Hey if we’re gonna be singing a song about whiskey, I don’t want to be sitting here drinking sweet tea. Somebody grab some Jack Daniels,’” Aldean admitted with a chuckle. “I’ve always said that Miranda can hang with any guy I know drinking.”

True to his word, in the behind the scenes video of the day they filmed, Aldean and Lambert have glasses of whiskey neat in-hand for most of the shots.

While they both can drink, Aldean confessed that neither is very good at shooting pool.

“She said y’all played pool that day,” Cody Alan led into the conversation with Aldean.

“Not very well..but yeah – we did!”

It looks like the video shoot was a lot of fun and the end result definitely was worth an afternoon playing pool and drinking whiskey!

Check out the behind-the-scenes video and the full music video below.


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