“HE’S TOO OLD!” Pros On Why Jake Paul Will BEAT Mike Tyson

In a surprising turn of events, experts have weighed in on the highly anticipated bout between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson, with some arguing that Paul’s youth and speed will give him the edge over the aging Tyson. However, skepticism abounds, with concerns raised about Tyson’s health and the legitimacy of the match.

Wade PLM, an analyst, believes that Tyson’s greatest strength in his youth—his explosiveness and speed—has now become his weakness. He argues that Tyson’s aging body won’t allow him to bring the same level of intensity to the fight, giving Paul an advantage.

"HE'S TOO OLD!" Pros On Why Jake Paul Will BEAT Mike Tyson

Streamer Aiden Ross has also expressed support for the event, emphasizing the significance of the match being broadcast on Netflix, which could potentially make it one of the biggest fights ever.

Despite the anticipation, doubts remain about whether the fight will be officially sanctioned by regulatory bodies. There are also concerns about the lack of headgear, especially given Tyson’s age and the potential health risks he faces.

Mike Tyson Talks Up Jake Paul Fight: "I'd Beat That F*****" : r/Boxing

On one hand, Paul has vehemently opposed the idea of wearing headgear, insisting that he won’t let his fans down by participating in a fight with such regulations. However, health experts warn of the dangers Tyson could face, including the risk of rupturing veins in his brain due to his age and past substance abuse.

Former champion Carl Froch has expressed disbelief and disapproval of the matchup, questioning the ethics of pitting a young fighter against a legend like Tyson. He worries that the fight could damage the sport’s reputation.

Mike Tyson is 60 years old, smokes daily, and uses a wheelchair!" - World Boxing News

Froch’s sentiments are echoed by others in the boxing community, including Oscar De La Hoya, who doubts Paul’s seriousness about boxing and believes that challenging Tyson is a misguided move. De La Hoya suggests that if Paul wants to be taken seriously as a boxer, he should face opponents of his own age and skill level.

However, Paul remains undeterred by the criticism, citing Tyson’s performance in his recent training videos as evidence of his readiness for the fight. Despite the skepticism, Paul’s manager predicts record-breaking viewership for the event, indicating that there is significant interest in the matchup.

In contrast, MMA fighter Chael Sonnen questions the authenticity of Tyson’s training videos, suggesting that they may be staged for dramatic effect. He also points out the significant age gap between Tyson and Paul, drawing comparisons to past fights between older and younger opponents.

As the date of the fight draws nearer, the debate surrounding its legitimacy and potential outcomes continues. While some see it as an exciting opportunity for Paul to prove himself as a serious contender, others view it as a spectacle that could tarnish the sport’s reputation. Ultimately, only time will tell how the matchup between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will unfold.


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