Gervonta Davis REACTS To Mayweather PREDICTING Shakur Stevenson To BEAT Him-b

### Gervonta Davis Responds to Floyd Mayweather’s Prediction of Shakur Stevenson Winning

Gervonta “Tank” Davis recently reacted to Floyd Mayweather’s bold prediction that Shakur Stevenson would beat him in a potential bout. Known for his fierce confidence and knockout power, Davis did not shy away from addressing Mayweather’s remarks. He expressed his respect for Mayweather’s expertise and contributions to boxing but firmly disagreed with the prediction, emphasizing his belief in his own abilities and his preparation to prove Mayweather wrong.

**A Confident Tank**

Gervonta Davis REACTS To Mayweather PREDICTING Shakur Stevenson To BEAT Him

Davis highlighted his own strengths, noting that while Stevenson is a talented fighter, he questions whether Stevenson has the power and resilience to handle a bout at 135 pounds. “Why do people even talk like he the best at 135? He didn’t even fight at 135 yet,” Davis said. He challenged Stevenson’s ability to withstand punches from powerful hitters, hinting that Stevenson’s previous fights at lower weights didn’t showcase the knockout power needed at 135 pounds.

**Respect for Stevenson, But Focus on Victory**

Despite his confidence, Davis acknowledged Stevenson’s skills and potential. He respects Stevenson as a fighter but made it clear that he is focused on securing a victory. Davis emphasized his rigorous training regimen and the hard work he has put into preparing for the fight. He mentioned the improvements he has made under his current training team and expressed confidence that these enhancements will be evident in the ring.

**Strategic Preparation**

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Davis hinted at having a strategic game plan in place to counter Stevenson’s style, suggesting that he is meticulously preparing for every possible scenario. He pointed to his impressive track record, including previous victories and knockouts, as evidence of his capability to handle high-stakes fights. “Despite Mayweather’s prediction, I’m not deterred. I thrive under pressure and am ready to showcase my talent and determination in the bout against Stevenson,” Davis assured his fans.

**Stevenson’s Perspective**

On the other side, Shakur Stevenson sees a fight with Davis as an opportunity to elevate his career, drawing parallels to how Errol Spence Jr. catalyzed Terence Crawford’s path. Stevenson believes a fight with Tank will boost his personal notoriety and solidify his status as a boxer. “I definitely want to go down as one of the greats and I want to be in everyone’s top five, for sure top three, top five,” Stevenson stated. He is confident that the right fight with the right person, specifically mentioning Davis, will provide him the opportunity to prove his greatness.

**Challenges and Criticisms**

However, Stevenson’s recent performance against Ardom Heronian drew criticism, with some doubting his readiness for a top-tier fight. Despite winning through a unanimous decision, fans expected a more dominant performance. Stevenson responded to his detractors by acknowledging the tough nature of his opponent and defending his strategic approach in the ring. He also expressed frustration towards his promoter, Top Rank, for not securing him the big fights he felt he deserved.

**Future Prospects**

Both Stevenson and Davis are on the brink of facing each other, with Stevenson expressing a strong desire to make the fight happen. He directed a clear message to Davis, “Get ready. I want to fight guys that are trying to fight me and have stuff to lose just like me.” Meanwhile, Davis remains focused and undeterred, ready to prove his doubters wrong.

As the anticipation builds, the potential bout between Davis and Stevenson promises to be a significant event in the boxing world, with both fighters aiming to solidify their legacy and prove their worth.


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