Fans Demand the NFL Book ‘The Voice’ Finalist for Super Bowl After National Anthem at Women’s NCAA Championship

Former The Voice contestant Michelle Brooks-Thompson performed the national anthem at the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament today (April 7), and fans on social media were sharing love for her legendary rendition.

“NFL needs to book her now for the Super Bowl national anthem,” one fan wrote on Twitter/X. Another complemented her by writing, “Okay Michelle Brooks-Thompson, you sang the hell out of the national anthem!”

Still more fans shared their love and support on the platform. “We can add Michelle Brooks-Thompson to our list of people allowed to do national anthems forever and always!” one person wrote. Another criticized the producers and camera people for only showing Brooks-Thompson for a short time.

“What an amazing rendition of the national anthem by Michelle Brooks-Thompson,” they wrote. “Anyone else annoyed the camera showed her for basically five seconds? Horrible decision by the producers there.”

Fans Love Michelle Brooks-Thompson’s Rendition of the National Anthem

“Michelle Brooks-Thompson with an absolute 10/10 anthem,” another fan wrote, continuing the never-ending praise for the talented singer. Comments continued, such as, “Might be the best I’ve ever heard singing the national anthem,” and “So, in this amazing historic championship game, someone understood the assignment with booking Michelle Brooks Thompson! Whew! She did that!!”

Brooks-Thompson was a finalist on The Voice in season 3, where Adam Levine described her as having a “supernatural singing ability.” She is an independent recording artist, and was the 2017 Super Top Dog winner at Amateur Night at the Apollo. Brooks-Thompson was also the winner of a local New Hampshire offshoot of American Idol, Keene Idol, in its 15th and final season. In 2022, she was the winner of the Cape Cod Unsung Heroes competition, which was hosted by The Music Room.

Her time on The Voice helped jumpstart her indie career, and now she’s singing the national anthem and capturing hearts all of America. Will she become a regular national anthem performer? With a rendition like this one, it should be in her future if it’s not already.

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