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Curmel Moton, the prodigious boxer from the Mayweather stable, has finally gotten a chance to display his dazzling skills once again. He will be facing Nikolai Buzolin in a lightweight match. Wait a second, for a lightweight 135-pound battle? Yes, you heard that right.

From his debut, until the last fight against Anthony Cuba on the Tim TszyuSebastian Fundora undercard, Moton has fought in the featherweight class. But come Saturday, fight night, he will be in an entirely new field.

Surely, this would have puzzled many fans as well. So when quizzed, the Salt Lake City-born boxer had an explanation for this. Curmel Moton turned 18 last month. From the Canelo AlvarezJaime Munguia Cinco de Mayo show to Gervonta Davis and David Benavidez‘s mega event, the last few months were rife with doubts over his forthcoming appearance. Fans were eagerly looking forward to the 3-0 rising star entering the ring for the year’s second fight but to no avail. However, his banter with ‘Tank’ Davis now has fans amused.

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Curmel Moton on his bold transition

From his latest post on X, it appears that Curmel Moton received the fight at short notice. During the final weigh-in, he stood at 133.5 pounds. Initially, he shared a clip of himself making the weights. “Made weight per usual. Once again, another one of my opponents missed weight, this time by 3 pounds, but regardless, we’re still accepting the fight and ima handle business tomorrow. 4-0.

The revelation understandably roused curiosity from several corners. One fan couldn’t resist asking, “135 now?” Curmel Moton then revealed that the change applied to this fight alone since he received the intimation for the fight without much heads-up.

In his next match, which should follow the formal process of a good training camp and other pre-fight events, he expects to get back to regular featherweight or super featherweight. Just for the record, his first professional fight against Ezequiel Flores happened at 130. Then, for the following match, against Hunter Trubyfill, he went back to 126 pounds.

His opponent for the current fight is a 36-year-old Russian-born fighter, who comes with a record of nine wins against eight losses and one draw. On top of that, he hasn’t won any of his last four bouts.

The way to an unexpected call-up

Curmel Moton last fought 21-year-old Anthony Cuba. Unlike his previous two outings, the eight-round fight went the distance. The latest move might come as a relief for some diehard fans. After all, it appeared that his name would make it to Canelo Alvarez’s title defense at the T-Mobile Arena on May 4. However, to everyone’s utter disbelief, just a week before, Moton announced that he wouldn’t be making an appearance on the big show.

Next, hope fell on the Gervonta Davis versus Frank Martin fight. But when the final fight card details appeared, Curmel Moton’s name was nowhere to be found. Possibly on account of his ongoing beef with the young boxer’s longtime mentor and promoter, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and their own exchanges with some even speculating, “Bro Tank really kicked out @curmelmoton1 of the card?

However, Curmel Moton told everyone to keep watching out for further details. He couldn’t proceed with a fight on June 15 as he ‘got something else coming up’. That being said, he would be expected to sail through tomorrow’s hurdle with ease. The year still has a long way to go before it comes to an end. So fans can expect a third or, who knows, even a fourth fight from the young prodigy in the months to come. They would be hoping to see him get back to his natural weight-fighting class.

What’s your take on Curmel Moton trying a hand at 135 pounds? Let us know in the comments.


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