Comedian Tape Face Brings Mel B to Stage as Mime Leaves Judges Reeling During Last Act on AGT

Tape Face did it again on Tuesday during his final performance on America’s Got Talent.

The bizarre silent performer left the judges reeling as he muddled his way through a routine that featured pulling Mel B on stage for an unorthodox choreography involving a toilet seat.



The Boy With Tape On His Face hangs toilet seat on America's Got Talent  judge - NZ Herald

‘What the bloody hell was that?’ asked Simon Cowell, 56, afterward of the quirky fan favorite.

Adding: ‘That was probably one of Mel’s best performances, in her entire career’.

‘Weird, fantastic…I don’t know what that was,’ continued the bemused judge.

‘I never thought you would have made it this far,’ giggled Heidi Klum, 43, as the others watched with amused confusion. Tape Face’s potty-based mime was one of the top 10 acts vying for the $1 million prize money and the headlining of a Las Vegas show.

Mel B was recruited onto the stage and ended up wearing a toilet lid and holding pom-poms. In the beginning, Tape Face started his routine with two puppet horses racing to music. In odd segue, Mel had a piece of cloth draped over her head as the act progressed.Tape Face then put together a plunger and threw it against the toilet cover. The mime then used unraveled toilet paper strung from the toilet lid to the microphone stand as the finish line for the horse race. Watch his funny performance below:

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