Caitlin Clark Has Had Enough Of Former NFL Star’s Rude Comments, Blocks Him On Twitter

Caitlin Clark yelling on the court.

Caitlin Clark (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Caitlin Clark is sick of Antonio Brown.

The new Indiana Fever guard has been on the receiving end of endless online abuse from AB and has had enough of the former NFL star.

Brown has been going at Clark on Twitter/X for several weeks, with several of his posts implying she’s a man. The wide receiver has made quite the occupation of trolling folks online and has a “Cracker of the Day” theme going in, in which he posts someone white he believes deserves criticism daily.

Caitlin Clark apparently fit the bill this Thursday because she finally took action. The former Iowa superstar has blocked AB on said platform following what was an unnecessary and unwarranted period of abuse.

Brown shared a screenshot showing he’s been blocked by Clark on Thursday morning. Check it out right below:


It appears AB’s tweet about Clark on Wednesday was the last straw. The 35-year-old shared a post suggesting that Clark keeps her private area heavy, adding a popular scene from the ‘Scary Movie’ franchise later on.


Caitlin Clark Is On A Generational Run

Antonio Brown is on a generational run, according to the man himself. He tweets about it often enough. Whether or not he is depends on your perception.

As for Caitlin Clark, she’s actualy on a generational run.

The former Hawkeyes star left college basketball as its highest-ever scorer. Her NCAA Tournament games brought record numbers in viewership, while her national title game against South Carolina was the most-watched final in women’s history.

Even this week’s WNBA Draft was the most-watched of all time.

Clark is also nearing a lucrative eight-figure endorsement deal with Nike ahead of her debut pro season and will likely be playing in signature shoes. She’s really on quite the run.

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