Caitlin Clark Got Embarrassed In The Weight Room After Joining Her Fever Teammates For Their Workout Grind (VIDEO)

Photos of Caitlin Clark in the gymCaitlin Clark (Photos via @YahooSports/X)

Caitlin Clark recently had some difficulty with a certain exercise in the weight room, and it was caught on camera.

Clark is having a great rookie season with the Indiana Fever on a personal front but could do with some more consistency in terms of wins. To that end, she and her Fever teammates are putting in the work in the gym and will hope to see it pay off.

It appears Aliyah Boston will be treating fans to a behind-the-scenes view of the team’s fitness activities throughout the rest of the season, having announced the start of a new vlog.

“We’re starting a little TikTok weight room vlog,” she said in a recent clip, “and we’ll show you what we do.”

The video shows Boston, Clark, and other Fever teammates putting in the work. Clark was doing very well until she decided to try to lift 140 LBS on the leg extension machine, single-leg at that. She couldn’t even get it to move.

Caitlin Clark Might Be Taking Fans’ Advice

Caitlin Clark appears to have set the bar way too high. But she could eventually reach it, though it seems like it will be a real challenge as she can’t even move the weight.

Fans have urged her to bulk up just a bit, given the physicality she’s been treated to since entering the WNBA. And it looks like she’s giving it a try.

Meanwhile, Clark has been selected as an All-Star in her rookie season and will team up with rival Angel Reese against the USA women’s team. It should be a spectacle.

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