Breaking News : JT takes shots at Cardi B in new single “okay”


JT has sparked rumors of dissing Cardi B in her new single “Okay.” The controversy arises from the lyrics: “She ate crab legs, now her whole tooth missing. Cheap ass veneers, you stay talking.” Many fans speculated that JT was referring to Cardi B because she chipped her tooth in March. However, the situation doesn’t entirely fit. Cardi B did chip her tooth, but not because of crab legs—it was due to a bagel incident.


Instead, Sukihana, a rapper known for her bold personality, experienced a chipped veneer while eating crab legs, which aligns more with JT’s lyrics. She even joked about it on social media, questioning why she couldn’t enjoy crab legs without losing a tooth and blaming “haters” for her missing tooth.



Given this information, the lyrics are more likely directed at Sukihana rather than Cardi B. However, there’s always the chance JT’s words were aimed generally at people who brag or talk too much. The situation remains unclear, but it has sparked discussion among fans and speculations about potential beef between these artists.


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