Boosie Drags Kim Kardashian for Comparing Ye’s Shenanigans to her S3x Tape!

The ongoing saga between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian continues to captivate headlines, with rapper Boosie now adding his voice to the mix. Ever since their divorce in 2022, Kanye’s behavior has become increasingly erratic, drawing public attention and concern, particularly from Kim herself.

In a recent statement, Kim expressed her frustration with Kanye’s actions, suggesting that his behavior poses a greater threat to their children than her infamous s3x tape ever did. Boosie, known for his outspoken nature, echoed Kim’s sentiments, condemning Kanye’s “shenanigans” and questioning their impact on their children.

The rift between Kanye and Kim escalated when Kanye publicly criticized Kim and her mother, Kris Jenner, on social media. This public airing of grievances only added fuel to the fire, with Kanye making disparaging remarks about Kim’s past, including her s3x tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J.

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Despite the controversy surrounding their divorce, Kim has largely remained silent, choosing to prioritize the well-being of their four children—North, Chicago, Saint, and Psalm. However, Kanye’s behavior, including public accusations and online feuds, has raised concerns for Kim regarding their children’s safety and privacy.

One of the most contentious issues between Kanye and Kim has been his repeated claims of being excluded from family events, including their daughter Chicago’s birthday party. Kanye’s public outbursts on social media have only intensified the tension, prompting responses from Kim’s family members, including her sister Khloe Kardashian.

Boosie’s intervention adds another layer to the ongoing saga, as he criticizes Kanye for his behavior and suggests that his actions are more damaging than Kim’s past indiscretions. Boosie highlights the potential security threats posed by Kanye’s inflammatory statements, particularly regarding school shootings.

Despite the tumultuous nature of their divorce, Kim has not given up on love, as evidenced by her recent relationship with comedian Pete Davidson. However, Kanye’s continued presence in her life, both online and offline, has made navigating new relationships challenging for Kim.

As the drama unfolds, it’s clear that Kanye’s behavior is taking a toll on Kim and their children. Boosie’s comments serve as a reminder of the broader implications of Kanye’s actions and the potential impact on those closest to him.

In conclusion, the ongoing feud between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian continues to dominate headlines, with rapper Boosie adding his voice to the conversation. As the drama unfolds, concerns about the well-being of their children and the impact of Kanye’s behavior remain at the forefront. Only time will tell how this tumultuous saga will ultimately unfold.


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