Blew All Away! The Soprano Maria Seiren SHOCKED The Jugdes With Incredible Notes of “Time To Say Goodbye”

One of Mel B’s most exciting drafts for her Dream Team on America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League was opera singer Maria Seiren, who showed fans why she’s a force to be reckoned with in her incredible audition during the premiere episode.

“Now it’s a competition,” Mel B declared.AGT: Fantasy Opera Singer Maria Seiren Stuns in Her Audition | NBC InsiderSeiren, who speaks Japanese, said it was a dream come true to be chosen to audition for the AGT: Fantasy League.

Her audition and high notes had the Judges in awe with jaws dropped. She received a standing ovation and even Simon Cowell had to admit it was a pretty amazing performance, despite coming from his season rival, Mel B.

“That was a surprise, I wasn’t expecting it,” he said.

However, Howie Mandel wasn’t on board, and didn’t think the performance was “great.” So who was right? Let’s take a closer look at Seiren’s act.Maria Seiren on stage during America's Got Talent: Fantasy League Episode 101Opera singer Maria Seiren has been singing professionally in the Tokyo music scene for a decade. She is the director of the opera company Mondo Parallelo. In February she won the first-ever Japan’s Got Talent final. What makes her talent unique, especially in the opera space, is she floats between tenor and soprano vocal ranges and is able to sing both male and female parts of operatic classics with ease.

Watch her audition below:

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