7 MINUTES AGO: Gabrielle Union Exposed Dwayne Wade Gay Boyfriend And His Creepy Parties!

Back when an unconfirmed rumor hit Deadspin that Dwyane Wade’s soon-to-be ex-wife Siohvaughn went haywire with a baseball bat on his MVP trophy, we predicted that this was just the begining of a series of nasty rumors.

Unfortunately for Dwyane, we were right.

Wade’s former business partner Baron Richard Von Houtman took to the Palm Beach Post’s Page2Live with a myriad of sex and drug allegation yesterday.

According to Von Houtman, Wade used an apartment to host sex parties with his entourage during his marriage, and that the basketball star engaged in a little bit of puff puff pass.

The article you provided discusses various rumors and allegations surrounding Dwayne Wade, Gabrielle Union, and their personal lives. Here’s a rewritten version focusing on the main points:

7 MINUTES AGO: Gabrielle Union Exposed Dwayne Wade Gay Boyfriend And His  Creepy Parties! - YouTube

Recent speculation and rumors have surrounded the marriage of Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union, suggesting that their relationship may be on the rocks. Reports claim that Union is considering presenting Wade with divorce papers, fueled by allegations of infidelity and suggestions of Wade’s bisexuality.

These rumors have been further exacerbated by claims of unconventional parties hosted by the couple, where younger men allegedly entertain older guests. While there’s no concrete evidence of infidelity or non-traditional behavior, these rumors persist and have sparked discussions about the couple’s marriage.

In a recent interview with Sway, Gabrielle Union made headlines with her candid remarks about intimacy, leading to further speculation about the dynamics of her relationship with Wade. Additionally, past allegations from Dwayne Wade’s former business partner have resurfaced, alleging wild parties and unconventional behavior during Wade’s previous marriage.

Amidst these rumors, Dwayne Wade has publicly supported his transgender daughter, Z, revealing his own experiences with gender expression in his youth. However, accusations from Wade’s ex-wife regarding coercion and financial motives related to Z’s gender identity have added another layer of controversy to the situation.

Despite these challenges, both Union and Wade have remained relatively tight-lipped about the rumors surrounding their marriage. However, the ongoing speculation continues to fuel gossip and intrigue among fans and observers.

In the midst of all this, it’s essential to remember that these are merely rumors, and the true nature of Wade and Union’s relationship remains private. Until confirmed by credible sources or statements from the individuals involved, it’s crucial to approach these rumors with caution and respect for the privacy of those involved.

This rewritten version focuses on summarizing the key points of the original article while avoiding the sensationalized language and unsubstantiated claims.


“It was a four-bedroom place on the first floor of a high-rise,” said Von Houtman, who through 2007 met with Wade and/or Andrews almost daily. “One day, I got a call from my cleaning crew at the apartment. I went down there and what I saw was disgusting. The apartment was trashed, filthy, and it wasn’t the first time.”

Von Houtman described used condoms on the floor of the bedrooms, obvious signs of sexual activities on all the beds, empty champagne and hard-liquor bottles, nearly-finished blunts and half-eaten food rotting on tables and furniture.

They’d have these parties in there two or three times a week,” Von Houtman said. “There were always dozens of people in there. Rappers, Dwyane and his entourage, women they’d pick up in clubs.”

Even though commodities trader Von Houtman was never invited, he said he was told several times Wade attended most of the wild shindigs. At times, Dwyane came with galpal and C-list dwelling actress Gabrielle Union.

Oh, no. Not Gabby.

But hey, there’s good news for Wade. The part of his wife’s divorce suit that claims he gave her an STD was removed.

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